How do I re-authorize Green Button Connect (PGE)?

Due to issues with PGE’s system you may need to re-authorize your Green Button Connect registration. These instructions are for Pacific Gas and Electric utility customers only.

1. Sign in to your account by tapping here. *Note please ignore any cookie error pop-ups from you may see here.

2. Swipe to the bottom until you see “Share Usage Data” “Share your data with 3rd party” and tap “Share My Data”

3. Under “Current Authorizations” you will see Chai Energy listed. Tap the red X button. If you have more than one Chai Energy Authorization, please cancel them all.

4. On the “Cancel Company Authorization” pop-up, tap “Confirm”

5. Chai Energy Green Button Connect authorization has now been cancelled. You can now re-authorize Green Button Connect for Chai Energy. Here is our setup tutorial for your convenience: Mobile | Desktop

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