How do I set up Chai Pro (PG&E)

Need to get your Chai Gateway connected to your meter? These instructions are for Pacific Gas and Electric utility customers only.

1. Sign in to your utility account by clicking here:

2. Scroll to the bottom, under “Share Usage Data”, tap “Stream My Data”

3. Under the “Actions” column, tap “+ Register New Device” *Be sure you select the correct account/home if you have multiple accounts/homes.

4. Find your MAC Address / EUI and Install Code on the small silver sticker located on the back of your Chai Pro gateway. (Note: The picture displayed below is an example, please do not attempt to register these numbers.)
* Please be sure that your MAC Address / EUI has colons between every 2 digits. Example  00:21:ED:00:00:0A:XX:XX

5. Fill in the Following

      1. Name of your Device: Chai Gateway
      2. Make & Model: Other
      3. MAC Address / EUI: EUI from your sticker
      4. Install Code: IC from your sticker
      5. Manufacturer: Chai
      6. Model: GW357
      7. Device Type: In-Home Display

6. Click Next

7. Review your device information and click Submit (Its always good to be double check your information here)

8. PG&E’s website will now register your Chai Pro gateway to their system and direct you to a confirmation page

9. Tap Next to continue to the “Configure” step

10. Once this is complete, click Next to proceed to Step 3 where PG&E will attempt to connect your gateway to your meter

11. PG&E will now attempt to connect your Chai Pro gateway to your Smart Meter

12. Once this is complete it can take our servers up to 10 minutes before your app starts reporting realtime data


Pacific Gas and Electric Registration Troubleshooting:

  • Does PGE recognize your gateway as being connected on the Stream My Data page?
    1. Log into
    2. Click “Stream My Data” under My Usage & Ways to Save
    3. You will see the Chai Pro gateway here, if the status circle is red or orange, tap Connect to re-trigger the pairing process
  • If PG&E’s website states the following message at Step 3—”SmartMeter™ electric meters [0 available]” “There are no eligible electric SmartMeters at this address.”—you will need to contact PG&E so that they may register your gateway manually, or replace your meter with no charge to you.
  • If you are unable to pass Step 3 and receive the error below, you will need to reach out to PG&E to get you setup.
    • “We were unable to connect your device. Please contact Stream My Data Customer Support at or by calling 1-877-743-4357 between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday-Friday and reference the following error code so we can help resolve your issue: Error Code: Timeout at four attempts. Description: Unable to connect device after four attempts”
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