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See how Jim and his family from Fresno, California saved big by using Chai Energy features.

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Track your home's energy use, and lower your electricity bill with Chai Energy.

Our helpful set of Features, takes energy understanding to a whole new level, helping you eliminate energy waste which can save customers over 20% on their electricity bills. Chai customers can also receive up to $117 a year in energy savings rewards by participating in Power Pay Days. That could be savings of over $600 a year!

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When you log into your Chai Energy app, you first land on the Dashboard, which shows you your current and past energy consumption. This is displayed in average watts, but also in dollars—how much your energy consumption is costing you per day. By turning your phone sideways, you’ll get a detailed look at your raw energy data, by the hour or by the week.


Chai measures Baseload energy use, which results from appliances and electronics that are always on, like a DVR, alarm clock, night light, etc. Your home’s energy use may approach baseload levels in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep and most other appliances are off or on standby.

Everything Off

Chai calculates your home’s minimum energy use (or baseload) when all of your essentials are still on, like the refrigerator, but none of the extras, like the TV. The Everything Off feature shows the average hours per day that your home’s energy use is at its minimum.

Solar Analysis

The solar industry is booming across the United States, but would installing panels be practical for you? Chai Energy's Solar Analysis factors in local weather patterns, the size of your roof, installation costs, and your current energy bill to determine if solar is a good investment for your home. See if solar is the right option, or track your solar savings if you already have solar. Learn more about Chai Solar.

Energy Usage Statistics

Chai Insights can tell you about your energy consumption over the past week and month, giving you a sense of when savings are taking place and how your home is performing over time. Chai puts the data in your own hands.

Power Pay Day

At peak times, utilities are willing to pay customers to power down and relieve pressure on the electric grid. Chai Energy brings these benefits to you in an easy way. Get rewarded to save energy with Power Pay Day.* Power Pay Days and Power Save Days are not always incentivized with cash payments. Please refer to the event information descriptions to know what events are cash incentives and which are event based rewards.


Challenges are opportunities to save money. The most common Challenges you’ll see are Power Pay Days, which require reducing consumption during peak times of the day to earn money from your utility company.

Neighbor Comparison

Chai Insights Neighbor Comparisons are a useful way of seeing how your home’s energy consumption likens to others in your area.

Predicted Bill and Rate Comparison

Chai Insights predict your bill and compare rates. Stay one step ahead of your utility bill by knowing when to run certain appliances according to how much your energy costs at that given time.

Chai Energy Dashboard Landscape

How does Chai Energy work?

Chai Energy uses powerful analytics to process your utility’s Green Button Data and delivers this data directly to your smartphone.

Chai identifies energy-saving opportunities based on your home’s actual energy consumption, and recommends rebates, incentives and programs, to help you save on your utility bill.

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Chai Energy Reviews

Here is what actual Chai customers are saying.

Chai makes our utility electric bill more accessible and provides us with helpful energy saving suggestions which helps us save money.

— Bill and Sandy

Most people are apathetic about energy conservation until they think they can save REAL money. Chai helped me understand where we I was wasting energy and money. Thanks Chai!

— Kathy

In early 2017 I downloaded Chai, purchased the Chai Pro Gateway, and got everything hooked up. After 4 days, I started getting all the info through the app. It shows me what my house is doing, and I now am able to plan a lot of my electricity use around when I’m producing solar energy.

— Jim

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Chai Pro

Chai Energy ProChai Pro — Energy monitoring in real-time.

Chai Energy Pro uses the same free mobile app and adds the Smart Energy Gateway to deliver real-time energy use and appliance-level analysis. Chai Energy Pro uses our patent- pending algorithms along with real- time energy data to identify specific appliances in your home. Chai Energy Pro will help you identify “energy hogs” (that old pool pump may be very inefficient!) and can identify potential hazards like leaving the house with the stove on.

The benefits of going pro.

The Smart Energy Gateway is a small, user-installed device that connects to your Internet router and wirelessly collects real-time energy data from a standard utility smart meter. The Smart Energy Gateway sends your data to Chai’s secure servers so that it can be analyzed and sent to your phone along with energy-saving recommendations created just for you.

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