Our home electricity app integrates utility monitoring with solar energy for maximum energy efficiency.

The free Chai Energy mobile app allows you to monitor how your appliances and electronics are performing. It provides the tools and technology to track your home’s electricity use, and suggestions to save energy based on your energy data. With a clear view of what’s going on in your home, you can reduce your home’s electricity use by 20% on average, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

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The Chai Energy mobile app is the perfect solution for homeowners looking for ways to lower their electricity bill.

Our free mobile app’s feature-packed tools give a clear view into what’s going on in a home, and how appliances and electronics are performing.

But our app goes even further...

Chai Energy's Solar Analysis (pictured) factors in local weather patterns, the size of your roof, installation costs, and current your energy bills to determine if solar is a good investment for your home. The Chai app can also connect you to professional solar installers in your area.

For customers who already have solar, Chai measures solar energy data against your electricity bill. These tools enable you to visualize solar savings with actual energy usage, resulting in bigger returns on your solar power investment.

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Have you recently switched to solar power, or are you weighing the pros and cons of solar energy for your home?

For customers with solar power, Chai is the perfect tool to help you visualize and understand how solar energy is incorporated into your energy efficient home. Our new Solar Energy Visualizer and Solar Performance Report gives your feedback on how your solar system is impacting in-home energy consumption in real-time. 

We know that not every home has gone solar, but many homeowners are curious. Our Solar Energy Analysis tool included in the free Chai app helps you take the first step towards learning more about solar power for your home.

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Click any of the icons below to explore Chai Energy’s solar features and tools.

The Solar Dashboard shows you your current and past solar energy consumption in average watts, displayed by the hour or by the week. The Solar Dashboard is where you can see how well your solar panels are performing and how your solar integrates with other Chai Insights. By turning your phone sideways, Chai's Solar Energy Visualizer analyzes the data and presents it to you in the form of graphs and diagrams that tell your solar story.

Have you not gone solar, but you're wondering if installing panels might be a good option for your home? Chai's Solar Analysis factors in local weather patterns, the size of your roof, installation costs, and your current energy bill to determine if solar is a solid investment. With the right information at your finger tips, Chai can help you find a local solar installer who can walk you through the next steps. 

Chai sends you a Solar Performance Report once a week, showing you how much solar energy you've captured, the impact of weather, how your solar performance compares to the same week last year, how you compare to other solar homes in your area, and how much energy you've saved over the previous week.

The future looks bright with Chai Energy at your fingertips.

If you are concerned that your investment into solar energy isn’t paying off, or if you have questions about your energy usage after you have switched to solar power, then Chai Energy's free mobile app is right for you. Our insights and feature-packed tools will give you a clear view into what’s going on in your home. Our app will even show you how solar energy will help reduce your carbon footprint!

Download the free Chai Energy app today, and start lowering your monthly electric bill by 20%.

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