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By upgrading to Chai Energy Pro, you’ll have access to real-time energy data delivered directly from your smart meter to the Chai Energy app.

With our user-friendly home energy tracking tools, Chai Energy Pro is like having your own personal home energy calorie tracker.

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Existing Chai Energy Users: Upgrade to Chai Energy Pro in the Chai Energy app.

More tools. More features. Chai Energy Pro takes home energy monitoring to a whole new level.

Chai Energy Pro collects energy data every 7 seconds from your smart meter using the Smart Energy Gateway for real-time up-to-the-minute energy tracking. You no longer need to do an energy audit or scroll through endless product pages — Chai Energy Pro’s advanced features point out the inefficiencies in your house and the best solutions to solve them.

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Chai Pro displays your energy use at all times of the day and tracks energy habits to give you specific energy saving tips. When you have your actual real-time energy data in the palm of your hand, you have a complete view of what’s happening in your home. Chai Pro is the ultimate home monitoring tool, providing the most detailed projection of how your home appliances and electronics can be effectively managed.

Chai Pro lets you check if you've left certain appliances on—like the stove, or a heater. When you leave home for vacation, Chai Pro helps you track what’s happening while you are away by displaying your home's energy consumption and allowing you to find out what's been used. Did your teens leave the hot tub on all night? Now you know for sure.

Chai Pro notifies you of utility rebates available in your area that could save you money. Your utility is interested in your maintaining an energy efficient home to relieve pressure from the electrical grid. Chai Pro delivers these utility benefits and rebates to you through the app, and can even connect you with licensed home contractors near you if you need support in updating your home.

Appliances left on for long periods will be reflected in your energy data. Equipped with a detailed sense of what’s happening in your home, Chai Pro helps you stay on top of where energy is being used. You can take measures with the knowledge and tools to run a sustainable and energy efficient home.

Chai Pro monitors your energy use in real time to estimate the cost of your upcoming utility bill. This gives you the benefit of knowing how your behaviors and energy use at home will immediately impact your bill. Chai Pro can help you refine your energy habits to the greatest extent possible, and save money.

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Chai Energy Dashboard LandscapeWhat is the difference between Chai Energy Pro and Chai Energy?

Chai Energy Pro

Chai Energy Pro uses the same free mobile app and adds the Smart Energy Gateway to deliver real-time up-to-the-minute energy use and appliance-level analysis. The Smart Energy Gateway sends your data to Chai’s secure servers so that it can be analyzed and sent to your phone along with energy-saving recommendations created just for you.

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Existing Chai Energy Users: Upgrade to Chai Energy Pro in the Chai Energy app.

Chai Energy

Our free mobile app collects one-day-behind energy use data from your utility through a secure source called Green Button Data. Chai analyzes this data to tell you how much your energy costs per day, estimates the monthly bill cost, and suggests ways to save energy and money.

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