How do I set up Green Button Connect (PGE on Desktop)?

Looking to sign up for Green Button Connect or Power Pay Day? These instructions are for Pacific Gas and Electric utility customers only.

*For the best experience, we suggest setting up Green Button Connect on your computer.

1. Sign in to your utility account by tapping here:

2. Scroll to the bottom, under ‘Share Usage Data’, tap ‘Share My Data’.

3. Select ‘Chai Energy’ from the ‘Select Company’ drop-down box and tap ‘Next’.

4. Under Select Shared Information tap the ‘Select All’ checkbox.

5. Under ‘Select Service IDs’ tap the checkbox for the service account you want (Please note: Chai does not yet support multiple homes).

6. Under ‘Set Date Range’ tap Indefinitely.

7. Tap ‘Next’.

8. Tap the checkbox for “*I authorize the designated Third Party to access my personal energy usage and account data from the designated accounts in accordance with these terms and conditions.”

9. After tapping ‘Submit’ you will receive a pop-up confirming your authorization. Tap the ‘OK’ button to go to the Chai Energy form.

10. Login with your Chai username and password. Enter the service address you would like to enroll in Green Button Connect or Power Pay Day. Click ‘Submit’.

*Forgot your password? Use this link to reset your password.

11. Once this is complete, you will be directed to the Chai Energy website. At this point your setup has been complete, and we will wait for PG&E to start sharing your data!

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