Chai Energy vs. Chai Energy Pro

What is the difference between Chai Energy and Chai Energy Pro?

Chai Energy

What it Does: Chai Energy is a free mobile app that shows daily energy use and analysis. The free mobile app creates energy saving recommendations derived from your unique energy data so that you can save money and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Chai Energy will predict the cost of your upcoming bill, and evaluates if “going solar” is cost effective based on energy use, local weather, and available rebates.

How it Works: Chai Energy collects one-day-behind energy use data from your utility through a secure source called Green Button Data. Chai analyzes this data to tell you how much your energy costs per day, estimates the monthly bill cost, and suggests ways to save energy and money.

Chai Energy Pro

What it does: Chai Energy Pro uses the same free mobile app and adds the Smart Energy Gateway to deliver real-time energy use and appliance-level analysis. Chai Energy Pro uses our patent-pending algorithms along with real-time energy data to identify specific appliances in your home. Chai Energy Pro will help you identify “energy hogs” (that old pool pump may be very inefficient!) and will notify you of potential hazards—like leaving the house with the stove on.

How it Works: The Smart Energy Gateway is a small, user-installed device that connects to your Internet router and wirelessly collects real-time energy data from a standard utility smart meter. The Smart Energy Gateway sends your data to Chai’s secure servers so that it can be analyzed and sent to your phone along with energy-saving recommendations created just for you.

For Example: Chai Energy Pro saves the average homeowner up to $600 per year on their energy bill. You no longer need to do an energy audit or scroll through endless product pages—Chai points out the inefficiencies in your house and the best solutions to solve them.

Chai Energy Pro collects energy data every 7 seconds from your smart meter using the Smart Energy Gateway. When you upgrade to Chai Energy Pro, the mobile app tracks real-time energy usage and helps you keep track of what appliances are running in your home.

Check out one household’s fridge report below:

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