How do I set up Green Button Connect (PGE on Mobile)?

Looking to sign up for Green Button Connect or Power Pay Day? These instructions are for Pacific Gas and Electric utility customers only. This specific tutorial is for those setting it up in the Chai Energy app.

1. In the Chai Energy app, tap Link Utility

2. (iOS) Tap “Yes, I have my utility login and password”

(Android) Tap “Sign Up”

3. Tap “Complete on”


4. Log into

5. You should be redirected to PGE’s Share My Data page with the Chai Energy GBC authorization ready to go.

*Due to an issue on, you may be sent to their homepage. If so, swipe to the bottom -> Tap Share My Data -> select Chai Energy -> and tap Next


6. Under “Quick Authorization”, tap Continue

7. Review your information, swipe down, and tap the checkbox next to “I authorize the designated Third Party to access my personal energy usage and account data from the designated accounts in accordance with these terms and conditions.”

8. Tap Submit

9. Tap Ok on the “Authorization Confirmed!” pop-up

10. Enter the address information for the home you authorized and tap Submit

10. Once this is complete, you will be directed to the Chai Energy website. At this point your setup has been complete, and we will wait for PG&E to start sharing your data, congrats! *Please note it can take up to 5-7 days before they start sharing your data.

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