Why Do I Need Chai Energy?

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Chai Energy is an app that digs deep into your utility’s energy data to identify waste and indicate how you can stop wasting energy. Chai makes your energy data, solar data, and utility bill available directly in the mobile app. Chai gives you a clear view into what’s going on in your home and how your appliances and electronics are performing. Efficiently? Malfunctioning? Fire hazard? The mobile app helps you make financial decisions for your home by predicting your upcoming electricity bill and by identifying which types of appliances or behaviors can be improved to help you save money.

Chai Energy is always evolving. We are constantly uncovering new Insights from your energy data, and we share those Insights with you so that you can effectively reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill.


How exactly does Chai work?

At regular intervals throughout the day, your home electric meter sends data to your utility company telling them how much energy is being consumed at your home at that given moment. Your utility company uses this data to calculate your bill. Generally, this is the extent to which a household interfaces with their total energy use.

Chai Energy has partnered with utilities to share this data with you in a way that’s both useful and understandable. Chai collects your daily energy use data from your utility via Green Button Data, a standard form of energy data. Chai analyzes your energy use data and delivers it to your phone as soon as the utility releases it, typically 24 hours later.


How’s this data useful to me?

Chai Energy analyzes data to tell you how much your energy costs per day, estimates the monthly bill cost, and suggests ways to save energy and money. Chai uses this data to predict the cost of your upcoming bill, and Chai evaluates if “going solar” is cost effective based on energy use, local weather, and available rebates.

When you have a better picture of how your home’s energy use, you can take easy and effective steps to reduce consumption and save money.



Currently, Chai Energy works only with the following utility companies:

Southern California Edison
Pacific Gas & Electric
San Diego Gas & Electric


Chai Energy Pro

Chai Energy Pro uses the same free mobile app and adds the Smart Energy Gateway to deliver real-time energy use and appliance-level analysis. Chai Energy Pro uses our patent-pending algorithms along with real-time energy data to identify specific appliances in your home. Chai Energy Pro will help you identify “energy hogs” (that old pool pump may be very inefficient!) and will notify you of potential hazards—like leaving the house with the stove on.

How it Works: The Smart Energy Gateway is a small, user-installed device that connects to your Internet router and wirelessly collects real-time energy data from a standard utility smart meter. The Smart Energy Gateway sends your data to Chai’s secure servers so that it can be analyzed and sent to your phone along with energy-saving recommendations created just for you.
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Additional Features:

Solar: The solar industry is booming across the United States, but would installing panels be practical for you? Chai Energy’s solar analysis factors in local weather patterns, the size of your roof, installation costs, and your current energy bill to determine if solar is a good investment for your home. See if solar is a good option for your home, or track your solar savings if you already have solar.
Is solar a good investment?

Power Pay Day: At peak times, utilities are willing to pay customers to power down and relieve pressure on the electric grid. Chai Energy brings these benefits to you in an easy way. Get rewarded to save energy with Power Pay Day.
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Insights: Chai’s Insights take energy understanding to a whole new level by allowing you to compare energy usage over extended periods of time. They also highlight innovative ways to save money on your utility bill.
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