Chai users can earn Power Points by completing Challenges. Power Points can be exchanged for cash and products. There are many different types of challenges available to Chai customers, but the most common is a Power Pay Day.

Where do my Power Points come from?

The State of California and California’s utility companies actually benefit when you reduce energy consumption during certain time periods. When energy demand jumps at peak times—often during the hottest summer days—utility companies must activate extra reserve power plants, which are generally the most dirty and costly. But when Californians can power down during these times of peak demand, they help utilities relieve strain on the electric grid. The utilities can then keep the dirtiest power plants turned off, and they can avoid buying expensive electricity in the open market.

The utilities benefit so much that they will actually pay customers to reduce their consumption during these peak demand times. Chai has partnered with the State of California and utility companies to make those utility payments available to our customers in the form of Power Points.

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