How do I set up Green Button Connect (SCE)?

Looking to sign up for Green Button Connect or Power Pay Day? These instructions are for Southern California Edison utility customers only.

*For the best experience, we suggest setting up Green Button Connect on your computer.

1. Login to your utility account by clicking here.

2. Review SCE’s terms and conditions and click ‘Continue’.

3. Check the service account that you would like to enroll in the Power Pay Day Program. Then click ‘Next’.

4. Select ‘All Data Types’, then check ‘Monthly’ as the data sharing frequency for all types of data.

5. Check ‘No End Date’ for the time span. You can dis-enroll from Power Pay Day at any time. Click ‘Next’ and you will be taken back to Chai’s website.

6. Login with your Chai username and password. Enter the service address you would like to enroll in Power Pay Day. Click ‘Submit’.

7. Accept terms, electronically sign, and click ‘Submit’.

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