Happy Holiday’s | Don’t be an Energy Grinch

  By sammonfort3 - With the December holidays rapidly approaching, I’ve been wondering about how much extra power we use on Christmas. A neat post on Wired back in 2012 calculated the cost of those little Christmas lights at about… Read More

Chai meets the VP

Buses blocking off surrounding streets, LAPD flooding your building, secret service checking your phones, metal detector checks, oh… Read More

Keeping up with Chai

Chai 2.5.2  was released, keeping the Chai team busy over the last couple weeks. There are a lot of… Read More

Get Paid To Save!

Your utility will pay you to save electricity when energy is in high demand rather than buying more… Read More

Meet Chai Energy

  Meet Chai Energy Many electric utility customers unknowingly waste 30% of the energy used in their homes.… Read More