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Chai 2.5.2  was released, keeping the Chai team busy over the last couple weeks. There are a lot of exciting things coming in the next releases and we bite our tongues as to what’s next. What we have created gives the world a fighting chance at a clean energy future and with the understanding of energy data, we can make homes more efficient and sustainable.

Many of us are unaware that we waste about 30% of the energy in our homes, which has a rough impact on our energy bills and even worse, our health and the environment. Chai is passionate about solving that problem by interpreting the energy data that is already made available through a free mobile app that will show you your energy usage in real-time data. We also show you where your energy is being wasted, while providing solutions and incentives to address the issues.

Have you always wondered if solar was a good option for you or if you’re paying to much for energy? Did those kids of yours leave the lights on again? Are your appliances as efficient as you thought? Chai answers those questions and makes that information available to you on your smartphone helping you lower your utility bill by over 20%.

Saving energy saves money and reduces harmful greenhouse gas from dirty power plants and it turns out it even helps make the power grid more efficient and renewable resources more available.

Millions of lines of code and ingenuity, countless hours of hard work, more startup pitches than we can remember, dedication and finally perseverance has made Chai what it is today.

Kudos to an amazing team, our users, investors, friends and family, supporters and partners.

This is only the beginning, but together we can make the world a cleaner and better place to live in.

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– Go team Chai!

*** If we don’t support your utility yet, we will soon.

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