Energy Savings that your customers can measure.

The Chai Energy mobile app is an energy efficiency tool for both homeowners and general contractors. Engage your customers through energy savings, in app insights, home upgrade recommendations, and more!

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The free mobile app helps you connect with your customers.

Chai connects customers to contractors through energy saving insight features. Get approved to be a Chai partner and connect with customers in a whole new way.

When customers win, everybody wins.

Chai customers save hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills, get major discounts on home energy upgrades and improvements, and interact with energy advisors - a value opportunity for everybody.

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Chai Energy — A tool that makes energy audits easy, and keeps your customers coming back.

Chai's cutting edge machine learning algorithms point out inefficiencies in a customer's home and recommends ways customers can make energy efficiency upgrades and connect to programs, partners, and services to help lower their energy bill. Chai will find the best products and services for customers and provide insights on home energy upgrades offered from our partners. Customers can also connect with contractors through the Contractor Finder in the Chai app.

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Click any of the icons below to explore Chai Energy’s contractor tools.

When customers log into the Chai Energy app, they first land on the Dashboard, which shows current and past energy consumption. This is displayed in average watts, but also in dollars—how much energy consumption is costing a customer per day. By turning the phone sideways, users get a detailed look at their raw energy data, by the hour or by the week.

Chai supplies customers with the latest data on how to upgrade their homes and appliances to be more energy efficient. Upgrade Insights help inform our customers of the latest home improvement trends, how upgrades pay for themselves over time, and how to maximize efficiency one step at a time.

Home energy audits can be conducted in less then a day when a customer is equipped with Chai or Chai Pro. Customers can be asked questions, snap photos and share their energy data with you before you even set foot in their home.

Registering to Chai’s Contractor Finder exposes you to a market of homeowners who are educated to energy efficiency upgrades to their home. Become a Chai Preferred Partner and connect with customers on an engaging and most valued platform.

State and local government rebates can help get the ball rolling. Chai’s Financing feature makes it easy for you to advise your customers on how to take action and save them money. Chai helps customers leap over the cost hurdle for home improvement work.

Chai lets customers snap photos of their appliances and items they wish to upgrade in their home. As a Chai Preferred Partner, you can engage your customers with this useful tool so you can better address the customers needs and spec out the job before even going to the customers home.

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Chai Energy and Energy Upgrade California, a state initiative, have teamed up to provide Californians with the tools and resources they need to save energy and money. With the help of Energy Upgrade California, Chai customers can search through a database of rebates and finance options to make home improvements.

Whether a customer’s pool pump is inefficient, or a customer’s HVAC system is faulty, or maybe their electric water heater needs a tune up, Chai will connect customers to contractors through its innovative and engaging platform.

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