Chai Energy provides the first-ever digital and truly personal energy advisor built on top of a customer’s own energy data. Chai’s personal energy experience is powered by the data captured from over 50 million smart electric meters installed by utility companies throughout the US. In making energy-decisions simple for customers Chai is easing the adoption of energy efficient products, distributed generation resources, time-based electricity pricing, and other products aimed at mitigating the negative impact of our electric grid.


Chai Energy is a venture-backed clean energy technology startup with offices in Eagle Rock and downtown Los Angeles at the LA Cleantech Incubator. The free Chai mobile app requires expertise in data analysis, machine learning, energy markets, efficiency programs, and enterprise engineering. The company was started by Caltech graduates and former utility employees looking to build a fundamentally better and more personal consumer energy-experience.

Mobile iOS Developer intern, Los Angeles
As an iOS Developer intern you’ll support Chai Energy’s iOS client. Chai’s mobile app is built on top of the latest networking and visualization technology that mobile has to offer. You will help with the  product vision, business strategy, usability, and architectural considerations into the mobile client. You will be working with our lead mobile developer, the backend dev team, business strategy teams, testers, and designers to ensure the best possible experience



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Updated December 2016


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