Power Pay Day: Get Paid to Save this Summer


Occasional storms and heat waves, as well as periodic power plant repairs and maintenance, have the potential to affect California’s supply and demand for electricity this summer.

For that reason, Demand Response programs are designed to answer peak demand periods by offering incentives to customers that temporarily reduce their electricity usage so that demand doesn’t outpace supply.

In 2014, Chai Energy introduced Power Pay Day to help users know where and when to cut energy usage during these demand events in order to maximize incentives. Good news is – we’re rolling it back out starting this week for customers of San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) across California.

It’s simple and fun and can help you pocket a few bucks a month, which can quickly add up to over $100 a year back from your utility!


Here’s how it works:



Find out in advance 

When a pay day is around the corner, the Chai Energy App will send you a notification ahead of time. It will also remind users of the demand response event on their way out the front door each morning. This maximizes their likelihood to turn everything off!


Power Down

Users will receive tips on ways to cut their energy waste and maximize Power Pay Day savings. Chai Energy will estimate and track these rewards from within the app.


Get Paid to Play!

Chai Energy uses a combination of the reward calculation and the user’s baseload power to estimate how much a user can potentially earn before an event starts. Once an event is complete those that reduced their usage are rewarded with savings!


Last year, Power Pay Day helped Chai Energy users save 48% in energy usage during peak hours. More specifically, our timely notifications and recommendations on how to reduce energy usage during demand response events, reduced an average of 1kW of capacity per home or 4 kWh.

While free money is always exciting, what’s even more awesome is the fact that so many people are playing their part in being responsible with energy usage and making positive impacts on the environment.

So, if you’re already one of the thousands of customers using Chai Energy, you are well on your way to putting some green back in your wallet and saving energy in your home.  If you are not using Chai Energy today, try it free by downloading on iTunes or Google Play, or learn more about how to save money on your electric bill at http://chaienergy.com.


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